We offer an independent measuring and evaluation of your processes, efficiencies, policies, structure, and customer experience  of your product, service and staff performance. 

We can assist you in either recommending industry partners or assessing current performances.

We give you tools to create into the organizations more awareness on the importance of the collection and how each unit or department contribute into these process,

We bring new ideas and an innovative concept to develop a healthy collection on the entire cycle life of the product or service;

We monitor the implementation, share and Celebrate the Results.

Areas that we can Analyse and Offer Advice and/or Training are:

Cash Flow Management

We can offer advice on your current process and procedure or we can manage the whole process for you. With early day collection cycles, 0-30 days are extremely important and you need to focus on this. You also need expertise in making the process effective and reconciliation to stop any leakage of accounts not being actioned.

Customer Satisfaction

Unique support and guidance in building customer interaction tools that keep the loop active between you and your consumer: Needs Assessment Questionnaire Development Web-Based Survey Tools, including your company’s On-line Contests, Coupons Loyalty Program Detailed Real-Time Data Analysis Customer Experience Feedback Brand Recognition and Loyalty Feedback

Efficiencies & Work Flow Processes

We can assess these aspects to see if you are getting the most out of your team and if it is working to capacities. While it may seem right, are things correct and working smoothly or is it a band aid on a potentially growing canyon?


We prepare your staff to be ambassadors of your business, we believe that happy employees are equal to happy customers. We offer Training assistance that includes, performance management, coaching and team building.