Key Takeaways

We put together the most valuable information shared by our International Speakers during the Curacao International Sales Conference for you. Powerful Sales and Leadership ideas to keep you on the top and expand your knowledge. Don't miss the section where Chris Payne shares the checklist questions for your next sales meeting and discover the value that your client needs.

The Power of Recognition - Job Well done!

You will Get valuable quick wins to apply right away without cost. This guide should be on the Supervisor/Manager’s desk! What could be the best option to recognize the employees? Therefore, this guide will help you to bring engagement, promote inclusion, create innovation, consolidate trust and drive results.


We know times are tough— and we have compiled for you some free webinars, categorized by field and languages (English, Dutch, and Spanish). Click the link below and keep learning these days with no cost!.

It's 25 minutes virtual presentations for leaders and teams. Discover how to win the hearts and minds of your customers by building a culture of service excellence and improving customer service experience.
Ron Kaufman
Author of New York Times bestselling book – Uplifting Service
Ron Kaufman is a global thought leader, educator, and keynote speaker who specializes in building service cultures in the world’s largest and most respected organizations, including Singapore Airlines, Changi Airport, Xerox, AIA, Nokia Networks, General Motors, Johnson&Johnson, Coca-Cola, Marina Bay Sands, LUX* Resorts, Microsoft, and Wipro.

Carlos Rosales autor del Best seller "Personas compran personas" y experto en neurosales junto a Maru Pacheco experto en servicios nos compartiran sus herramientas para mantener una mente positiva. Una sesion enriquecedora donde nos mostraran como entender nuestras emociones y poder usarlo a nuestro favor en estos tiempos dificiles.

In this exciting webinar, you will have 3 guests share their Unique Experiences & Practical Tips for working remotely: 1. How to manage the transition from working traditional towards working from home 2. How can we create and maintain a Culture, Share Values and ensure Goals are met? 3. Getting the most from remote working